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How to Find the Best DTF Printer for Beginners - DTF ULTRA

How to Find the Best DTF Printer for Beginners - DTF ULTRA

Direct-to-film (DTF) printers provide a low-cost solution to printing on a wide range of fabrics, making it a fantastic option for small and medium-sized businesses. However, with so many different varieties, choosing the right one can be challenging. This article will go over how you can find the best DTF printer for beginners. Let’s get started!

Why Should You Consider a DTF Printer? 

Creating custom designs for t-shirts, bags, hoodies, and more has never been so easy. DTF printing machines can print on a variety of fabrics, including dark and light textiles. That said, there are many other options that you can consider, each with its pros and cons. 

Unlike DTF printers, DTG printers directly print the designs onto a wide range of flat products, including t-shirts, bags, and more. The key difference between the two is versatility, affordability, and quality. 

DTF printers allow users to transfer their designs to a film, which is then heat-pressed onto a fabric. This process ensures versatility, as there is no height limit, enabling you to print anything onto shoes, caps, hoodies, and any other textile you can think of. 

On the other hand, DTG printers directly transfer the designs onto the fabric. Due to this, they have a height restriction that limits the types of textiles they are compatible with. 

While the cost per print is higher than that of DTF printers, DTG printing machines produce better-quality prints and more durable designs. 

In addition to these two options, UV printers are also a fantastic alternative to consider. You can use them to print designs on a variety of products, including phone cases, pens, USB dongles, CDs, and more. 

However, UV printing machines have a height restriction, which is why UV DTF printers may be a better choice for those seeking greater versatility.

Now that you know the different types of printing machines available, which one should you choose? Should you stick with a DTF printer or risk versatility and go for the DTG one? 

If you have a small printing business that prints designs directly onto T-shirts, you may want to consider direct-to-garment devices. 

However, if you’re looking to print on a wide range of clothing products, including hoodies, jeans, and shoes, DTF printers may be the right option for beginners. Their versatility makes them far superior to DTG.

How to Find the Best DTF Printer for Beginners

If you’re looking for the best DTF printer for beginners, there are a few things that you should consider. These include the following: 

White Ink Circulation

A DTF printer for beginners should be user-friendly and have advanced features, such as white ink circulation. 

Certain colors, like white or silver, can lead to pigment sedimentation, resulting in a clogged ink supply. DTF printers with white ink circulation can prevent this from happening by constantly circulating these types of inks through the tubes and sub-tank. This ensures the consistent and reliable transfer of your designs onto fabric or clothing.

Heating Function

Since DTF printers print onto a PET film, they must properly cure the ink. Otherwise, the design won’t stick to the fabric. 

The best DTF printer for beginners should have a heating function that helps in curing the ink, making it easy to transfer patterns, pictures, or images onto a piece of clothing. 

Temperature Controller

Temperature control plays a crucial role in how the fabric looks after it goes through the printing and heating process. Some printers do not have this feature, which can adversely impact the quality of the goods. 

If you’re looking for the best DTF printer for beginners, make sure you choose one with a temperature controller feature. This will ensure consistent and accurate heat settings, resulting in better ink curing, color vibrancy, and design durability. 

FAQs on DTF Printer for Beginners

  1. Can I Use an Inkjet Printer for DTF Printing? 

DTF printing involves transferring your designs onto a PET film before curing the ink and pressing it onto the fabric. If you plan to use an inkjet printer during this process, you may end up in a sticky situation. 

For DTF printing, you need a printing machine that can print with white ink and transfer your designs onto PET film. 

Most standardized printers mix cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks to create different colors. They cannot print with white ink, as it could lead to clogging.

  1. Is a DTF Printer Better than a DTG Printer?

Whether or not a DTF printer is better than a DTG printing machine depends on what you want from your equipment. Are you planning to print on just T-shirts, or do you intend to transfer your designs onto all types of fabrics? 

A DTF printer lets you print on a PET film, which means that its applications are endless. You can transfer your designs onto t-shirts, socks, caps, jeans, and hoodies, among many other types of clothing. 

On the other hand, a DTG printer can only print directly on flat products, and it has a height limit. However, its printing quality is superior to that of DTF printers.

  1. What Do I Need to Start DTF Printing? 

If you’re looking for a DTF printer for beginners, you must invest in additional equipment to help transfer your designs to the clothing. Remember, this type of printing machine does not print directly onto the fabric. 

Here are the things that you need to start DTF printing: 

  • A DTF printer for beginners
  • PET films
  • Software for editing and printing designs
  • DTF ink
  • Hot-melt adhesive powder
  • Automatic powder shaker machine or curing oven
  • Heat-press machine

  1. What Is the Process of DTF Printing? 

Here are the steps involved in the process of DTF printing: 

  1. Invest in all of the equipment needed for DTF printing. 
  2. Prepare your design on your computer using user-friendly software. 
  3. Load the PET film into the DTF printer and print your design. 
  4. Cover the printed film in hot-melt adhesive powder and shake to remove excess. 
  5. Place the piece of clothing onto the heat-press machine and align the printed PET film accordingly.
  6. Heat press the film and apply pressure for the recommended time. 
  7. Remove the garment, peel off the film, and marvel at your creation!

Final Thoughts on the Best DTF Printer for Beginners

The best DTF printer is the one that caters to you and your business’s needs. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to stick with an affordable, user-friendly option like the A4 L805, A3 R1390, or A3+ L805

However, those looking for something more advanced should opt for the A3 L1800, A3+ XP600, or A3 XP600 Dual Head.