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What Is the Best Low-cost DTG Printer? | A Brief Guide - DTF ULTRA

What Is the Best Low-cost DTG Printer? - DTF ULTRA

The introduction of DTG printers made it possible to transfer unique patterns and designs onto different types of fabrics, making it one of the driving forces of the textile industry. As a small customized clothing business owner, you may be looking for one to grow your offerings. This guide will help you find the best low-cost DTG printer on the market. Let's get started!

Who Should Buy a DTG Printer? 

There are many different technologies for printing designs on fabric, two of which are DTF and DTG. Additionally, there are UV and UV DTF, which are used for printing on other materials rather than fabric. Which one should you get? 

If you're running a small clothing business that sells customized merchandise, there are several options to consider. DTF printers can print designs on PET film, which you can then transfer to a piece of fabric using a heat press. They're incredibly versatile and have no height restrictions, allowing you to customize T-shirts, shoes, caps, and more.

On the other hand, DTG printers can only transfer designs on flat garments. They also have a height restriction, which limits the types of fabrics you can print on. However, they offer better print quality, allowing for more precise color reproduction. 

UV printers are also a fantastic option, as they can transfer designs onto a wider range of materials, including glass, wood, plastic, leather, and more. Unfortunately, they have height restrictions, so if you want something more versatile, you could consider UV DTF printers

If you're an individual or a small business selling only customized clothing, you should stick to DTF and DTG printers. While the former is more cost-effective (lower cost per print), the latter can deliver high-quality prints. 

However, if you're only customizing flat garments, such as T-shirts, hats, baby clothes, tote bags, and pillow covers, you should choose DTG printers. They offer fantastic color reproduction and finer details than other options. The high-quality prints will surely impress your customers and help you grow your business!


Buy a Low-cost DTG Printer from DTF ULTRA

At DTF ULTRA, we have extensive experience selling a wide range of top-notch printing solutions at highly competitive prices. Whether it's DTG, DTF, or UV technology, our team ensures that every printer we sell exceeds your expectations. 

When it comes to low-cost DTG printing machines, we have two fantastic options that are much more affordable than the market competitors. These include the following: 

  1. A4 L805 DTG Printer: This is a low-cost DTG printer that is capable of transferring designs onto light and dark fabrics. You can use it to print on various textiles, including cotton, polyester, blends, and more. It's a popular option for printing on t-shirts and bags.
  2. A3 L805 DTG Printer: While the A3 L805 printing machine is more expensive than its affordable counterpart, it is a low-cost DTG printer when compared to the other brands on the market. This unit offers a larger print size and higher maximum printing height, making it an excellent option for transferring designs onto more garment types, such as jeans, hoodies, and more.

FAQs about DTG Printers

  1. Is a DTG Printer Cheaper Than a DTF Printer? 

A DTF printer has a lower setup cost, and since it lets you print on a PET film, you can reduce the per-unit cost by increasing volume. This makes this printing machine an attractive option for large production runs. 

On the other hand, a DTG printer has a higher setup cost than a DTF one, but it is still much cheaper than screen printing. It's only cost-efficient for smaller orders, as the equipment directly prints onto the fabric. 

That said, the finer details and accurate color reproduction make DTG printers a fantastic option for small-scale customized clothing businesses. 

  1. What Are the Drawbacks of a DTG Printer?

Since DTG printing involves transferring designs directly onto the fabric, it's not an ideal option for mass-scale production. This method can adversely impact the cost per unit, causing it to increase with volume.

For larger customized clothing businesses, it's best to consider DTF printing machines.

  1. How Much Does a DTG Printer Cost? 

The cost of a DTG printer can vary depending on the print size, build quality, brand, performance, and features, among many other factors.

If you're looking for a low-cost DTG printer, DTF ULTRA has some fantastic options to consider. The A4 L805 costs $2,799, but if you want something with a larger print size, you can go for the A3 L805, which is currently priced at $4,299.

  1. Can a Low-cost DTG Printer Print Designs on Shoes? 

Whether you're purchasing an expensive or low-cost DTG printer, this equipment can print on any flat garment as long as it is within the unit's printing size. This includes t-shirts, tote bags, throw pillow covers, and more. You can also use a shoe platen to print on shoes.

While the applications of DTG printing machines are not as extensive as those of other options, such as DTF printers, they offer superior breathability and durability. This is due to their ability to transfer designs onto the fabric directly.

Final Thoughts on the Best Low-cost DTG Printer

DTF ULTRA offers the best and most affordable DTF, DTG, UV, and UV DTF printers. Consider your business requirements before investing in any one of these solutions.